Why This Website

Good question.  After all, there are scads of websites (some good, some not) all over the Internet that deal with mental health issues and personal problems.  Do we really need a local one?


For one thing, we are blessed in our Yampa Valley with a number of well-trained professionals in the field of  mental health counseling.  While the Yellow Pages is a useful resource to locate them, it provides little more than a name and number.  Here, you’ll meet these professionals in a more complete and personal way.

Secondly, when a person decides he or she (or “we”) needs counseling help, the decision is often no more rational than rolling dice.  While personal recommendations from a friend may have merit, your friend’s issues may have been quite different from your own.  Here, you’ll find the information you need to select the best therapist for you.  After all, you know what’s bothering you (a relationship problem? trouble sleeping? a parenting issue?).  Here you’ll find those who identify themselves as specializing in that problem..

And finally, there are some issues of living that are of greater interest to those of us in the high country -- like winter blues, seasonal employment, cost of living, and more.  Here, you’ll find articles written by local therapists about these and other topics, along with pertinent links.

Having justified our presence, welcome!  What do you want to do?

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