Why Therapy

In a nutshell?  People sometimes get lost or stuck in some way, and need help getting back on track. 

These are capable people -- smart, educated, and resourceful adults (and younger people).  They’ve tried to work things out on their own, using the many resources available to them, but find themselves unable to get past the problem.  It might be a persistent fight with depression or anxiety.  It might be unresolved conflict in a relationship or within a family.  It might be a parenting issue, or making an important decision in life, or getting over a loss or other event in life.  Or something else entirely.

Therapists are trained to listen well, in order to clarify the dynamics within or between people causing the blockage.  In the process, new ways of dealing with things come to light, and life begins to move along again.  While therapists will offer helpful insights, suggestions, and recommendations, they are not wizards with miraculous solutions.  They facilitate new thinking, give advice where needed, and provide the support and encouragement necessary to positive growth.  It is a true collaboration for change.

Counseling is a way of gaining greater happiness in life.  It is a way of resolving specific problems.  It is a path to recovery from pain or trauma in childhood.  Because the therapist is a ‘helper’ however, many people avoid counseling due to their ingrained belief of self-sufficiency and independence.  This is a commendable outlook in life generally, but can be a definite obstacle when stuck in an unhappy relationship, trapped in a depressed mood, or doing the same ineffective things over and over.  Misinformed attitudes prevent some people from considering psychotherapy as a helpful resource in time of trouble.

Is therapy for you?  Maybe, maybe not. Just know there is competent help available to you, if and when.  Use the Find A Therapist link to review the professionals in our Yampa Valley.  Also check out some of the topics under the Learn More section.  You may find something (or someone) that fits a problem in your life, right now.