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NOTE: I do not generally work with preteens (under 10), except to consult with parents.  I can refer you to a Child Psychologist for therapy with young children.

There is no trickier time in life than adolescence.  It’s full of joys, disappointments, highs, and lows.  It's tough on the teenager, and it's equally tough on the parents.  But we all get through it, somehow.  The question is, does it have to be this difficult?

When families are in turmoil about guiding a son or daughter through adolescence, it's time to get help.  There's just no reason to experience ongoing conflict when more reasonable ways are available.  My specialty in this area comes not only from years of experience in private practice, but also from a career in school psychology in Steamboat's and other area schools.  I know what does and doesn’t work with young people, and they usually (not always) find it easy to talk with me.

And talking to one another is key.  That means talking at home, not just in the counseling office.  Don’t let the tension fester and worsen.  Endurance is not the answer.  You can work together to gain a new, healthier relationship.  If you’d like a little help, give me a call.

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Troubled Boy Faded