Teen Help Title

There’s just something about being a teenager....  It’s a time when adults are distrusted, and their guidance or support is rarely sought (unlike childhood).  When upset or troubled, adolescents naturally turn to one another because of their shared understanding of teen life, school problems, and family struggles.  Unfortunately however, teen friends are untrained helpers and rarely offer more than sympathetic “Yeah, that really sucks, man” comments, usually voicing their own similar frustrations.  While it feels good to know others also have problems and that you’re not alone, it’s really like treading water when you want to swim to shore.

Counselors don’t have all the answers, but they can help you sort things out and find your own solutions.  All private counselors provide confidential services (we do not share anything personal -- not even with your parents -- without your permission). 

Something you should know before you call, however.  As is true in most states, Colorado considers you a “child” until you’re 18 years of age.  This means your parent(s) or guardian needs to give permission for you to have counseling.  There are a couple of important exceptions to this: 1) if you’re the victim of abuse or neglect, you can and should contact any school or health care adult about it; 2) if you believe someone (yourself, too) is in serious danger of harm, you can and should do the same.  No need to get your folks’ approval for either of these.

Don’t let the parent permission thing throw you.  If you’re confused, overwhelmed, discouraged, in trouble, or just feel troubled, counseling is often the way to get through it and reclaim your life.  Your parents may surprise you with their willingness (and their respect for your privacy).  Have them call first, so they can gain some reassurance that this will help everyone, and so they understand the ground rules of confidentiality.