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There is no trickier time in life than adolescence.  It’s full of joys, disappointments, highs, and lows.  More and more, teens are expected to make important decisions about things that are part of their world.  This includes sexual behavior, drugs and alcohol, academic pressures, juggling parent and peer alliances, and much more. 

It's tough on the teenager, and it's tough on the parents.  The basic work of the teen is to emancipate from childhood, develop more independence, and become an individual apart from the family.  The basic concern of the parent is to keep their child safe from dangers, provide guidance and advice, and ensure a solid future.  Sometimes these two forces are compatible.  But very often, they clash, and family tension results.

There's no reason to experience ongoing conflict when more reasonable ways are available.  Some Yampa Valley counselors specialize in helping teens and pre-teens (see Therapists by Specialty).  This may involve direct counseling with the adolescent, or family counseling for all involved, or both.  These specialists can help sort out the issues that block or frustrate the teen and/or parents, and make this special time of life much more enjoyable for all.