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I am not the counselor who sits and asks, “How do you feel about that?”  I am certified in Synergetic Play Therapy™ (SPT).  SPT is the first research-informed play therapy model to blend together neuroscience, attachment/attunement, therapist authenticity, physics, emotional congruence, nervous system regulation, and mindfulness/mindsight.  Although Synergetic Play Therapy is called a model of play therapy, it is actually a way of being in relationship with self and other.  It is an all-

encompassing paradigm and can be applied to any facet of life and subsequently any current model of therapy or “ology” can also be applied to it.  Grounding play therapy in science has helped me facilitate lasting change with clients as they meet their therapeutic goals.  Choosing from a variety of tools that include sand tray, art, play, or just talking, clients and I work on rewiring the brain to thrive and not just survive.

I always begin new relationships with teens and adults by explaining the latest neurobiological research in layman’s terms based on how the brain is wired.  With younger clients I translate the grownup talk into images and language that is fun and applicable for them.  Being a former licensed school counselor, I believe strongly in not only focusing on the client as the identified patient but on the system that the client lives within (family, school, teachers, peers, work) and believe consultation and case-management is central to creating a high impact with lasting change.

I have a variety of experiences ranging from working in a residential

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treatment facility for at risk teens, school based counseling, working for the Day Treatment program in Routt County as a therapist, Program Director of a small non-profit providing therapy for families and children, providing Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, Pyramid Plus coaching to parents and caregivers, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (using horses to consul people) and being in private practice.

Ages work with: Families and Parents, children ages 0-18.

Specialty Areas: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Attachment disorders, Divorce/Separation, Impulse Control, Anger Management, Challenging Behaviors, Self-harm, Gifted and Talented, Loss/Grief, Abuse, Parent Coaching and Mental health Consultation with Teachers and other care providers, Behavior Support Plans, Early childhood Mental Health Consultation--Positive Behavior Support.

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