Richard R. Boersma

licensed professional counselor  *  licensed school psychologist

My practice of psychotherapy (25+ years) has evolved into a number of special interests and preferred methods of counseling.  They are named below, and you’re encouraged to click those of interest to learn more.  Let me say a word or two here about my approach and philosophy.

I’ve had great satisfaction and success helping people deal with troubled relationships.  In couple counseling, I make a special point of maintaining my objectivity and impartiality so I can hear and understand the concerns of both partners.  However, it is invariably true that relationships get into trouble because of feelings rather than arguing points, and I work hard to move things in that direction.  That’s where rewarding outcomes are found.

With family counseling, I have an well-tuned ear for adolescent struggles while

Dick Boersma


also understanding the frustrations of parenting a sullen or difficult teenager.   As they move from dependent years of the past towards greater self-determination, teens’ paths are often indirect and confusing (even to them!), and difficult for us to understand.  I can help. 

When working with individuals, my goal is always to help clarify the issues that underlie the anxiety, the depression, the loneliness, or self-defeating behavior, and give solid tools that really help.  I’ve had great success with men and men’s issues, including anger and understanding a spouse’s concerns.  Men seem to appreciate my straight talk approach.

I encourage new clients to “test drive” two or three therapists before deciding. You need to feel comfortable with the person you share personal things with, so call me if you just want to meet briefly to check me out (15 minutes, no charge).  If you need a referral to someone with different expertise, e-mail me or call and I’ll  connect you with the right person (remember, you need not identify yourself).

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