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A significant number of men reject counseling as a legitimate source of help in life.  In most cases, this tracks back to a manly attitude of independence and self-reliance in all things, as if not being able to figure something out is a sign of incompetence.  While not asking for directions in an unfamiliar town can be harmless, refusing help in the face of serious life problems is foolish and potentially hurtful (to the person and to those around him).

The fact is, men often have different attitudes, feelings, and outlooks about many things in life and living.  I appreciate the skepticism many men have about therapists and counseling, and have developed a depth understanding of many issues more common with men than to women.  Some of this I owe to my 9 years of conducting the Anger Management program here in Routt County (over 90% male), where men often found themselves when their frustration or other emotions overwhelmed them.  Some of this expertise also stems from my work with couples, where the heavy focus on “feelings” can leave the man confused or frustrated. And some of it just comes from being a man myself.

I welcome the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to help men (and women), whether in personal counseling, in relationships, or in decision-making.  There is no reason to struggle with problems, when so many difficulties can be relieved just by sorting it out, together.