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Thoughtful Faded

A significant number of men reject counseling as a legitimate source of help in life.  In most cases, this tracks back to a manly attitude of independence and self-reliance in all things, as if not being able to figure something out is a sign of incompetence.  While not asking for directions in an unfamiliar town can be harmless, refusing help in the face of serious life problems is foolish and potentially hurtful (to the person and to those around him).

The fact is, men often have different attitudes, feelings, and outlooks about many things in life and living.  Their cultural roles (and upbringing) accentuate some important strengths, while limiting or suppressing other parts of themselves.  Men often feel different responsibilities and pressures than women, and this may be a factor in relationship difficulties.  How they handle their feelings is frequently a “guy thing” as well.

If you’re a man experiencing a problem in your work or home relationship, having trouble with temper or other emotions, or just want to talk “man to man” about something, get in touch with a counselor who specializes in men’s issues (see Choosing A Therapist).  There’s no reason to tough it out, when so many difficulties can be relieved just by sorting through some things, together.