Kathy Gibbs, Ph.D.


Hello, I am a clinical psychologist and I have been practicing in Steamboat Springs, and its outlying communities, for 25 years.  I am in private practice.  My goal is to help my clients meet their full potential and to be available in the future if other issues arise. 

I feel strongly that my clients can often make significant changes in life by challenging negative, distorted thoughts and replacing them with more realistic, healthy thoughts.  This is the basic philosophy behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  It has helped millions over the past 30 years and I would be glad to teach you the techniques.

Another aspect of my practice is completing psychological assessments to help diagnose and recommend future courses of treatment.  I also enjoy working with athletes to help them meet their potential, including goal setting, dealing with competition anxiety, and building self confidence.

I am a developmental psychologist so I work with people between the ages of 2 - 102.

Primary office:   Excel Building  (primary office)

        1955 Bridge Lane

        Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

        (970) 980-7540

Satellite office:  Yampa Valley Psychotherapy

        2045 West Victory Way

        Craig, CO 81625


Areas of specialty:

        Child and family therapy (specializing in very young children)

        Developmental transitions, such as mid-life and geriatric issues

        Psychological testing, including intellectual and projective assessments

        Cognitive Therapy techniques to address anxiety, depression, and anger

        Sport related psychology and finding performance potential