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Whatever you consider your workplace -- a work crew, a professional office, a retail store -- there’s always the chance you’ll feel some tension with a workmate as time goes on.  After all, you chose your work, not your fellow workers.  People are different, and working together can put incompatible personalities together.  It just happens.

Getting Along

So, is the problem all about him (her)?  Are you also responsible?  Can it be worked out?  Will one of you need to quit or be reassigned, just to resolve things? 

Sometimes people simply endure an unpleasant work relationship, toughing it out day after dreaded day.  That’s not a good solution.  Why suffer when you can make it better?  Most of these conflicts can be improved if not completely resolved.  It may or may not require a visit with mediator or professional counselor.    

So, at the risk of offering a “solution lite,” I’ve put together this little flow chart to help you think through your difficulty with a co-worker.  It may or may not solve things, but you’ll gain some insights at a minimum.  If this doesn’t help, consider getting in touch with a professional (see list) who can help you work through the specifics of your situation.


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