Couple Tension Faded
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Conflict happens in every relationship.  After all, there are two people involved, and both have feelings and personalities.  But when arguments become bitter and divisive, it can threaten the love and mutual appreciation that brought you together.  Tension replaces affection, and cold silences mute communication and laughter. Married or not, couples in this situation feel so deeply frustrated that they're often ready to throw in the towel.

Relationship counseling can help, if both of you want to stay together and work it through.  It's just easier to sort through the issues when you have a skilled facilitator to help you communicate.  Often the outcome is renewal of love and commitment, which is always the goal.  But sometimes counseling simply helps two people recognize the time for change, and end the pain.  When children are involved, their emotions and security need to be thoughtfully considered as well, so everyone’s needs are fully appreciated and taken into account.

Helping couples work through their differences is the most satisfying aspect of my practice.  It is personally gratifying to open healthy communication, so that partners really hear one another again. Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, resentments, betrayals... these are the detritus of too many unhappy relationships.  Once high-centered on such issues, the way back is extremely hard to find without professional help.

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