Assessment Title

Psychological Evaluations:  This is a way to understand how a person sees the world and to identify his/her characteristic traits and attitudes. It’s a bit like going to the doctor for a physical, to see if all is healthy and working well.

Psychological evaluations are useful to plan an effective counseling approach.  They are also requested by agencies or the courts, to determine the best course of action for an individual in legal trouble or to forecast the recurrence of problem behaviors. Sometimes evaluations are important to employers for matching people to jobs, or to evaluate personnel problems. These are among the ways that psychological evaluations are useful in our everyday world.

Learning Evaluations: Not everyone “processes” in the same way.  When learning is more difficult than it should be, there’s probably a reason we can identify and address.  Too often, students struggle with classroom instruction without understanding why it comes so much easier to others.  Often, this leads to diminished self-esteem and possibly negative directions in life.

Learning problems can be neurological. intellectual, or even based on previous learning.  They show up as poor reading, memory difficulties, attention problems, and more.  While these are most evident in school, they also follow the individual after graduation and can frustrate goals and successes during adulthood as well.

Find the Experts: There are professionals in our Yampa Valley who can provide psychological, psychoneurological, and learning assessments for the above-mentioned purposes, and more.  Click here to find them.