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We’ve all experienced anxiety, every one of us.  Fear, dread, is like that.  But sometimes our inner alarm system gets stuck in the “on” position, and interferes with everyday living.  If you experience unexplained times of panic, obsessive thinking, chronic fear, sleepless worrisome nights, or physical aches and pains that seem to result from tension, it’s vital to get professional help.

If your fears are logical (e.g., you’re worried about a lump on your neck or how to pay your bills), it’s not what we call an anxiety disorder.  These are understandable, short-term preoccupations with temporary threats to your security and safety.  But when you feel tense all the time, have irrational fears, or are overcome with sudden panic, it signals a syndrome that may need counseling and/or medication.

Here are the primary classifications of anxiety disorders.  Click to learn more.

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NOTE: Agoraphobia is not considered a specific anxiety disorder, but may be experienced as a primary symptom in Panic Disorder..