Angela Melzer, LCSW, OTR/L

(970) 875-2731

Are you interested in understanding your brain from a scientific perspective?  Do you want to learn about how your mind affects your body, and how your body affects your mind?

I am a licensed clinical social worker, and have a medical background in occupational therapy.  After designing, implementing, and running the Integrated Health Program at Yampa Valley Medical Center since 2010, and moving to private practice, I understand a great deal of the medical model and how mental wellness connects to overall body health.  I help clients of all backgrounds and needs, from chronic back pain, to a busy brain, to grief after a significant life change, to generalized depression and anxiety.

I use mindfulness-based techniques, and other cognitive based therapies, to teach clients tools to address their targeted concerns each session.  Helping you understand your brain and why/how thoughts are created is powerful in the therapeutic healing process, and empowering to you as a client.  I will strive to help you accomplish your goals of coming in to therapy, which may include a peaceful mind, overall contentment, and understading and controlling your mind.  Instead of letting your thoughts control you, when are you ready to learn how to control your thoughts?

Here are some of the tools you may learn in sessions:

  • understanding thoughts and becoming aware of them and how they lead to destructive or depressive behavior
  • understanding the neuroscience of your brain
  • understanding more in depth the stress response and how it affects mood/anxiety, physical body and overall health
  • mindfulness based meditation techniques
  • other breathing exercises to calm the body and remove self from thoughts

Location: Minds In Motion, 1041 Lincoln Avenue, #310

Hours: Monday, 8 - 8; Wednesday, 8 - 8; Thursday, 8 - 5