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I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been practicing for over 20 years.  My specialties are children, adolescents, family relationships, and problems related to anxiety and depression.    Many years as a school

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counselor have given me an understanding of the challenges that children and families face.  I help kids build the emotional and social skills they need to make friends, feel good about themselves,  and be resilient from bullying and depression.   I am a mom of three kids,  ages 8 to 15,  so  I know from my heart  that parenting brings us great joy and love, but can also make us intensely vulnerable, worried,  and stressed  (not to mention frustrated)!  I  help parents find ways to stay emotionally connected with their kids while at the same time being in charge with  healthy limits, expectations, and boundaries.  

Other techniques I provide, which may prove helpful, include:

EMDR -   (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)  is a therapy that has a direct and immediate effect on the way our brain processes distressing experiences.  It is groundbreaking in overcoming anxiety, stress, and trauma.   EMDR allows the brain to process completely the experiences that are causing problems and to break free of the negative emotional reactions and patterns that have shaped us.  After success with EMDR,  distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and the tension and pain we carry in our  body is reduced.   Click here for more info about EMDR.

Brain Based Techniques -  There is now an exciting proliferation of brain research about how we can experience  higher levels of happiness and decrease our stress and suffering.  We now know our brain’s neurons typically fire 5-50 times a second.  As we make intentional choices about what we think and pay attention to , we can literally change the structure of these neural pathways in our brain and change our mood and behaviors.   Here are just a few mind practices that create change:  mindfulness, mindset, gratitude, self-compassion, forgiveness and  accepting vulnerability with wholeheartedness.   Click here or here for more info.   

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