Coping Job Loss tiny

Our Yampa Valley is not immune to the anemic economic conditions worldwide, and jobs are hard to come by (especially during the shoulder seasons).  If you’re out of work, keep looking . . . and read this piece.

the Thief

Being robbed of a full, worryfree life?  Want to collar the culprit?  Psychologist Ira Dubinsky has some thoughts about arresting this sneaky villain and putting him away.

Seasonal Affective1

If you find yourself lethargic, irritable, low on energy, and glum most Winter days, it might be Seasonal Affective Disorder.  And it’s treatable.

I Really Will

Intentions.  If only we did what we intended, what we resolve to do, our lives would be so much better.  How can we move from good intentions to good follow-through?  Barbara Philip has some helpful thoughts.

Victims of Stigma

There’s a huge barrier blocking the way to social understanding.  First ladies from Roosevelt to Obama have taken up the fight, but it’s you and me who will break it down.

Don't Worry

It’s sounds like an insipid, superficial bit of advice, especially when you’re in a bad mood.  But there’s more to it.  Really. 

DBT Heading

DBT is an effective, easy to understand method of learning coping skills without letting our feelings take control.  Here’s a more complete description by DBT specialist Barbara Philip, LCSW.

Pers. Weakness

There’s a lingering myth in our society that mental health counseling is a sign of weakness and that seeking expert help signals a personal flaw.  Nothing could be further from the truth (it’s the other way around!)  John Wayne, take note.

Holiday blues small on white

Are loneliness and depression the ‘gifts’ you receive when the Happy Holidays roll around?  Enough!  Here’s a brief guide to taking control, and getting into the spirit of what’s going on around you.

Helping Depressed small
Lizard Brain
Jerk at Work
SPOT parenting

It’s difficult knowing someone you love is struggling under the weight of depression.  It’s also difficult to know how to act, how to help, when to talk (and when to be quiet), and what persona to wear.

We’re pretty well evolved as a species, but a reptilian throw-back lives in our heads, waiting to emerge. 

If you dread going to work because of someone there, take heart!  Here’s advice (and a flow chart) to help you sort through the problem and make it better. 

Getting through the adolescent years can be challenging, not just for your teen but for YOU! It doesn’t have to be that way.

Online therapy

Computers have opened up new channels of information and communication for all of us.  But therapy?  Actually, it’s not as strange as it sounds, and is sometimes the “preferred” method of counseling.

Relationship Reality

Every relationship faces challenges.  Eternal bliss is a fiction.  This knowledge this is the first step towards making things work better, in the experience of Nancy Young, LPC.  Sound advice.