M.H. Topics

What, exactly, is depression?  And agorophobia, and seasonal affective disorder, and antisocial personality?  Am I narcissistic?  Does my daughter have an eating disorder?  And what is the best treatment for each of these today?  Where do I find out more?

This section is a portal to answering these and other questions.  It is by no means complete, and of course is a tiny fraction of the information available at your library or, or course, on the Internet.  Still, it’s a starting point, and every article and link has been reviewed by a local professional (usually, several of them) to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.  This is a work in progress.

Problems of worry, anxiety, tension, stress

Low mood, depression, unhappiness

Relationship issues, marriage problems

Men’s issues, male anger, workaholism, etc.

Women’s issues, emotional concerns, etc.

Adolescent problems, teen pressures, parent-teen tensions

Child rearing, parenting, understanding child development

School/learning problems, psychological assessments